Recipes for Eating Well While Staying Home

Local cooking instructor shares recipes to stretch the budget

Carol Ritchie

It's been a month since Texas ordered restaurants to close their dining rooms to minimize the spread of the new coronavirus.

Drive-thru, delivery and to-go are all OK, but cooking at home is the preferred choice for a lot of families.

"I'm thinking those folks out there are doing lasagnas, one skillet dishes, soups and stews," said Carol Ritchie, a cooking instructor, culinary consultant and recipe developer with decades of experience.

Carol Ritchie is a cooking instructor, culinary consultant and recipe developer. Her new project Whisk Movement by Cookin' with Carol is designed to connect generations and help pass on the traditions of cooking.  Photo Credit: Carol Ritchie

Ritchie turned to her personal collection of recipes to help NBC5 viewers eat well as we stay safe and stay home.

"They're perfect basic recipes that will give you a good start, and then you can create your own and adapt it to what your family likes," she said.

Green Chili Chicken Stew
Colorful Baked Beans with Brisket
Build Your Own Tacos with Mango Salsa
Build Your Own Gourmet Pizzas
Strawberries Kissed with Dark Chocolate

Many of Ritchie's recipes are inspired by her grandparents who lived through the depression. Years later, she and her husband experienced their own lean times when $20 a week was all they had for groceries.

"I would get a round steak and make stroganoff one day, then stir fry the next," she said. "Colorful vegetables. Lots of B-L-T's. And, of course, who doesn't love pizza and nachos and tacos?"

Ritchie makes it all look so easy and she offers us this encouragement.

"Just do one new concept a day, one new recipe a day. I'm sure everyone out there has cookbooks you can thumb through, but just focus on that one and build from there," she said. "And I always say, you gotta cook fearlessly. If it's a mistake, it's not a mistake. It's just a new recipe."

Ritchie also likes the idea of getting the family involved in preparing the meal. Time in the kitchen talking and connecting may end up being treasured moments as we stay home, stay safe, eat well.

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