Rebecca Creek Distillery Donates Hand Cleaner to Dallas Police Association

Rebecca Creek Distillery in San Antonio donates 100 gallons of its alcohol-based hand cleaner called Love, Distilled to the Dallas Police Association

Dallas Police Association

Rebecca Creek Distillery is donating 100 gallons of its alcohol-based hand cleaner called "Love, Distilled" to the Dallas Police Association in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers from Dallas Police Association picked up the 100 gallons of Love, Distilled from Rebecca Creek Distillery in San Antonio on Wednesday.

Rebecca Creek Distillery, the makers of Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Enchanted Rock Vodka, and Texas Ranger Whiskey, began making alcohol-based hand cleaners in response to the needs of local first responders and the national shortage of hand sanitizer.

Steven Ison, founder and co-owner of Rebecca Creek Distillery, and Steve Ryan, CFO and co-owner, said the distillery is working with crisis management officials from state and local agencies to distribute the hand cleaners to communities around Texas.

“We have a large customer base in Dallas, and we want them to know that we are grateful for their support of our brands over the years. In these times of a global pandemic, we can help our local first responders by producing and donating Love, Distilled, our alcohol-based hand cleaner,” Ison said. “We want to thank the Dallas Police Association for their service to the Dallas community.”

“Police are asked to sacrifice as part of our job, and it is a responsibility we bear proudly,” Dallas Police Association Vice President Frederick Frazier said. “To have a business sacrifice to help keep first responders safe means a great deal to officers across our state, and we are grateful for their efforts to get sanitizer to the Dallas Police Association.”

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