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Popular NTX Beach Closes Early to Implement Social Distance Measures

The Beach at Little Elm Park closed at noon on Friday so city crews could put social distancing measures in place for the weekend

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The Beach at Little Elm Park closed at noon on Friday to get to work on social distancing measures. The move followed warm weekends with crowds of people at the beach.

"It's been one of those things where the crowds are getting to a point where we're not comfortable with on the weekends," Little Elm Community Services Director Chad Hyde said. "That's why we are putting these measures in place to help with that."

The town is putting in fencing to limit walk-ins and overflow parking. Once the beach lot is full, they are at capacity.

"It's gonna be hard," Tina Sain said after going to The Beach at Little Elm Park with her 2-year-old daughter for the first time on Friday morning. "When you have, like, all the kids together it's impossible to do social distancing."

"We want them to know we're doing this for them," Hyde said. "We want them to be able to enjoy the day at our beach in Little Elm and feel comfortable doing it."

Just before noon, groups packed up their gear and headed for the parking lot.

"It's a good thing. We still have to be safe," Lashell Davidson said as she left with her son. "Life is normalizing. We're forgetting that it's (COVID-19) still there. People are still dying. People are still getting sick. So we still have to use caution."

The Beach at Little Elm Park will reopen Saturday morning.

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