Plano Restaurant Helps Healthcare Workers and Others With Free Meals

Owner of In Fretta says this was a promise to his mother.

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At In Fretta pizza restaurant in Plano, the pizza is still being made. But now the restaurant is spreading an extra layer of love on what they love to do.

One of the owners, Ram Mehta, is donating about 200 meals of pasta, chicken and rice to healthcare workers at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

"They are the real heroes right now,” Ram Mehta said. “We thought, 'How do we appreciate them right now?' They are risking their lives for us every day."

Mehta said to help others was a promise he made to his mother.

"She passed a year and half back,” Mehta said. “So she took a promise from me that I would do what she did her whole life."

He said he already donated more than 2,000 meals this week and 1,000 last week.

On top of that, In Fretta is also giving a free cheese pizza to anyone in need.

"A lot of people are out of work or working from home,” one mother who got a free pizza for her family said. She did not want to give her name. “They are not getting as many hours as they used to. Kids are home now and that's a lot of burden on some people. So, it's beneficial to a lot of folks."

The delivery to Parkland Memorial Hospital was met with open arms.

Ali Samana, owner of 1 Solar Solution, made the delivery.  His Frisco-based solar installation company is helping In Fretta cover the cost to keep the free meals going during these tough times.

"For me it's just a way to give back,” Samana said. "I know we are not just going to survive this as a community, we are going to thrive. I just want to do my little part, our small part in this big cause."

Samana said he planned to continue to help In Fretta and other restaurants continue to support those in need.

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