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Plano ISD Parents Speak Out on Mask Mandates

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Tuesday night, Plano ISD board members heard from parents on the mask mandate issue. With the spread of the omicron variant, Plano ISD board members, like so many others in North Texas, are faced with critical decisions.

COVID cases are up even over the last 24 hours. As of Tuesday, more than 1,300 Plano students were COVID positive compared to more than 1,100 reported Monday. It’s roughly 2.7% of the district’s student population.

Some parents have expressed concern about the infection rate and pushed the board to reinstate its indoor mask mandate. Parent, Carmen Campbell said she would support a reinstated mask requirement.

“I can say that I am genuinely concerned because there has been a dramatic increase of cases in Plano ISD which is not a surprise,” she said. “It’s a reflection of how much COVID there is in our community.”

Parents have been vocal about the policy since late September when the board voted not to extend the mandate. The issue was not on the meeting agenda Tuesday, and some parents wanted to make sure it stays that way.

“I beg you guys not to consider bringing that back to the table,” said one parent during the meeting.

Plano’s current protocol says face masks are an option for all students, staff, and visitors. Parents on both sides of the issue wanted to make sure they were heard before any future decisions are made.

Here are CDC guidelines and recommendations on masks

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