Photographer Captures Zoom Adoption Moment for Grapevine Family

Photographer Tony Drewry started 'Drive-by Porchraits' as a way to social distance document life during the pandemic

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From his red pick-up truck, Tony Drewry took aim. "Click, click, click," came from his camera, resting on the driver's side window. "You stay at home, I stay in the truck. Gotta keep everybody safe, ya know," said Drewry.

Most of his photos depict the mundane events of quarantine living. "We're capturing real life right there," Drewry said.

On Wednesday, Drewry was asked to take the Spire family's drive-by porchrait at their Grapevine home. His camera captured more; family history in the making when Lauren and Rachel Spire held a Zoom call with a judge to finalize the adoption of two brothers, 6-year-old Carlisle and 2-year-old Alex.

"I don't think they knew I was out here shooting photos through the door," Drewry said. "I could see the action happening in there...just thinking how odd that must be, but how awesome nonetheless," said Drewry.

Drewry then took the first photos of the new family as they stood on their front porch, and he sat in his red truck. "Just tears in my eyes,' Drewry said. "It's a beautiful thing."

Some of those photos are now displayed on a table on the Spire's front porch.

"I see a family," Lauren Spire said holding back tears. "I see a family that has completed us."

"Putting love first," Rachel Spire said. "That's really the only way to get by."

Drewry said he modeled drive-by porchraits after WPA photographers during The Great Depression as a way to document life during this pandemic. He doesn't charge for his drive-by porchraits, but he does take donations.

"In this time of uncertainty," Drewry said. "It's really cool to see that life goes on."

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