Passover Celebrations Continue Through Technology

Traditional Jewish seder dinner gatherings are being done virtually to continue tradition

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The Passover seder is a Jewish ritual and feast celebrating the start of Passover.

"We commemorate our exodus from slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago," Stuart Prescott who will celebrate seder said.

It's a multi-generational celebration that brings a large number of family and friends together.  Prescott’s home last year was set up for dinner hosting nearly 50 people.

But, because of coronavirus concerns and social distancing, the setting this year is just for him and his wife. 

But still they won't be totally alone.

"Tonight we are calling it a zeder because we are Zooming the seder," Prescott said.

He's invited nearly 50 people by Zoom to join them virtually to celebrate this important Jewish tradition.

"Everybody is determined to carry on the best way we possibly can,” Prescott said. “It's not as good. We are missing handshakes and hugs and kisses like we are all missing in our lives."

There will still be the traditional foods and rituals.

That includes the traditional reading of the story of the exodus from Egypt which starts with a question of 'why is this night different from all other nights?'. A question Prescott said has special meaning this year.

"Boy is this night different from all other nights and that's okay,” Prescott said. “We'd much rather all be together but it's going to be just fine."

He added, "We all are going to get through this and it won't be long before we'll all be able to embrace each other and be together again."

This is one of the most celebrated holidays for Jewish people.  The holiday will last for eight days.

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