Parker County Judge Says He's Got COVID-19, ‘This is Not Fun, But We Will Survive This'

Judge says positive test received Sunday, has been home since a doctor's visit on March 16

kelvin miles
Parker County

Judge Kelvin Miles, Justice of the Peace for Precinct One in Parker County, says he's contracted coronavirus.

Miles made the announcement Monday morning on Facebook where he said he started feeling ill on March 14 and on the following Monday, March 16, his wife took him to the doctor.

Miles said he was initially tested for flu, which came back negative; a test for COVID-19 was returned Sunday and showed he was positive.

"I do have it. I have not left my house except the trip to the doctor last Monday," Miles wrote. "I do not want to start a panic. I'm almost 63 and I'm going to survive this."

The county judge, who said he's been home all week with his wife Charlotte, did not say where he thinks he might have become infected.

Miles described his symptoms as "pretty sick" with a fever, chills, body aches, fatigue and having trouble sleeping.

Miles' Facebook post can be seen below.

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