Parents Rally to Reopen Frisco Schools

A breakdown of Frisco parents shows they're split between virtual and face-to-face learning

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Many school districts are starting the semester online.

Parents who want their kids back in the classroom are pushing back against the decision.

In Frisco, the start of fall semester will look a lot like spring.

Classrooms will remain closed and students will learn from home.

The district is delaying in-person instruction for at least three weeks.

Thursday, dozens of parents, like Kelly Broussard, protested that decision before a school board meeting.

“I really worry because I see how my youngest fell behind,” Broussard said.

Broussard said she's comfortable sending her two daughters back to high school in McKinney, where the district is keeping campuses closed for three weeks, too.

“If there are enough teachers that want to do in-school, can we not do an opt-in for people that want to go in-school?” Broussard asked.

Broussard is calling on the McKinney school board to call a special meeting to address the question.

Frisco ISD’s special meeting Thursday laid out why the district is going virtual only. Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip cited the rapid spread of the virus along with challenges getting classrooms and teachers ready.

Parents weighed in on both sides.

“I do not wish my own children or myself or my spouse to be placed at risk for what appears to be a very vocal minority,” one parent said during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“The numbers just don't back up that decision,” another parent said.

A breakdown of parents in Frisco shows nearly 47% prefer face-to-face instruction.

While just above 44% have committed to virtual learning in the fall.

Parents, like Broussard, want districts to go back to the drawing board for families ready to send their kids back to class.

Protests to reopen schools in McKinney are planned for next week.

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