Older Adults Finding Innovative Ways to Combat Isolation During Pandemic

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Sam and Sharon Ricks have been married for 29 years this October.

“When you’re retired and there’s a pandemic, every day is Friday,” Sharon said. “We’re just looking forward to the next day.”

The Richardson couple has spent much of that time traveling the world during their summers.

This year slowed all of that down.

“Sam and I both have traveled together worldwide to all the continents except one. We’ve been to Egypt, Russia and all over China and not having that opportunity anymore. One, because of the pandemic and two because of the aging process. I don’t think the aging process would stop us right now at all though,” Sharon said.

They had to get creative when it came to visits with friends and family to ensure their safety during the pandemic.

“The technology has just been absolutely amazing, and we are constantly learning more. We use the phone a lot and texting too and we have become Zoom call experts,” Sharon said.

They have also found another way to combat isolation. One they never thought possible: an online magazine based in Richardson.

Celebration Magazine has been awesome! Not only have they been providing those virtual museum tours, but so many other things. There are game groups. We can play bingo and even happy hours for people 60 and older,” Sharon and Sam said.

The two hope their time to get back to traveling will come soon enough but say they are thankful for their health and each other for now. They just encourage others to reach out to their loved ones and make sure they are doing well during this time of uncertainty.

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