NTX Church Finds a Way to Hold Easter Egg Hunt With Help from Video Game World

Tate Springs Baptist Church in Arlington uses alternative to keep annual egg hunt tradition alive

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Like a lot of churches, services at Tate Springs Baptist Church in Arlington have gone from the chapel to the computer. This year's annual Easter egg hunt will be no different.

"It's an Easter egg hunt in the game of Minecraft," Tate Springs Baptist Church Family Pastor Curtis James said. "Instead of filling their basket, they'd fill their game inventory with eggs."

James got the idea while playing Minecraft with his children, but he didn't know how to make an Easter egg hunt in a Minecraft world accessible to his congregation. That's where the National Esports Association came in to help.

"We cannot cancel tradition," National Esports Association President Lori Bajorek said. "Even though the world is closed, the internet is open."

Bajorek had already been working on a Minecraft project of her own. She assembled a team of Minecraft experts to create the virtual Easter Egg Hunt world and make it accessible on all platforms, all over the world.

"It's a way that families come together...when you can't connect because the world is shut down," Bajorek said. "Curtis and I both share one thing, and that is the mission of hope."

"In a world of bad news, we can share the good news," James said. "And celebrate Easter in Minecraft."

The Minecraft Easter world opens on Monday, April 13. That's the day the National Easter Egg Hunt usually falls.

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