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North Texas Providers Prepare for Arrival of Second Wave of Vaccines

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The Moderna vaccine has cleared and is on its way to thousands of locations across the United States. Providers are standing by as the state of Texas awaits some 620,000 doses this week.

The Flower Mound Fire Department is one of the providers in North Texas. Emergency Management Officer Brandon Barth says they’re taking cues from state and officials.

“We’re operating under strict guidance to adhere to the department of state health services in the state of Texas and that is the tier one individuals,” Barth said.

The CDC says people over the age of 75, and essential workers like firefighters, teachers and grocery store employees should be next in line. Barth says the logistics at the fire department are already in place and ready to be put into motion.

“Our plan, once we have them in hand is to quickly turn around and within 24 hours begin providing vaccinations to our own personnel as well as assisting a lot of the other fire departments here in Denton County, focusing really on the firefighters paramedics in the field and transporting them,” said Barth.

Pharmacies across North Texas are among the tens of thousands of provider locations. Pharmacist, Beau Heskes, says he knew the time would come during the pandemic when he’d have a significant role to play. He’ll receive 300 doses at SandsRX.

“It’s been the only thing that I’ve been thinking about over last month is preparing for this week. There’s been a lot of steps to get to where we are right now,” he said. “This next part will be crucial.”

Dallas County is expecting 19,500 doses. Tarrant county will receive 21,900 doses. Collin is set for 10,600.

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