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North Texas Pharmacist Prepares as FDA Approves COVID Vaccines for Children

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It's been a year and a half since the first COVID-19 vaccines were approved, providing protection for the oldest and most vulnerable.

And Friday, the FDA finally granted the same for the youngest Americans, approving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for ages six months to five years.

"Everyone has a chance to be protected. It's your choice now,” said pharmacist Dawn Moshier.

At Campbell Pharmacy, Moshier has made it her mission to get COVID vaccines in the arms of as many North Texans as possible.

She's already placed an order for 600 of the reduced-strength vaccines, both the Pfizer given in three shots and Moderna's, which is given in two.

Moshier says she's ready as soon as the CDC signs off, which she expects will happen early next week.

"If you're concerned or more hesitant because this is for a real little baby, you know, this is your six months and up now, talk to your pediatrician, talk to your pharmacist. That's what we're here for. This has gone through clinical trials. This is safe. You know, we've got to have faith in this,” she said.

Especially, Moshier said, as cases begin to climb again.

And though there are nearly 18 million kids in this last age group to become eligible, Moshier assures the community that supply won't be an issue.

"Vaccinate. Don't rush, don't worry. We're going to have it,” said Moshier.

Before this announcement, kids ages five to 11 were the most recent group to become eligible for the vaccine. According to the CDC, about a third of those children have received at least one dose.

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