North Texas Man Stuck in Wuhan, China Nearly a Year During the Pandemic is Back Home in Texas

He traveled because of work and couldn't get out when the pandemic hit

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A North Texas man, stuck in Wuhan, China - the epicenter of the global pandemic, for nearly an entire year - is back home. 

Images show empty streets and masked faces in Wuhan, China.  

Warren Lee, who lives in Euless, traveled there for a job and got stuck with the pandemic hit.  

“As soon as the announcements came out of official channels, saying you can’t leave the city, you should stay inside, it became very very real,” said Lee.  

He was able to ride out the pandemic with his girlfriend, and her family, who live in Wuhan. 

“It’s so much newer than just being in a different country. It’s like being in a different country - but there’s a pandemic going on. So, I definitely need to say a huge thanks to my girlfriend and her family for being so hospitable to me during the entire ordeal,” said Lee.  

He arrived in North Texas about a week ago. 

A picture of his return flight shows empty seats, with about six fellow passengers.  

Life back in the U.S. is a new adjustment for Warren, who, like so many, are awaiting a return to something resembling normalcy.  

“I hope we can look on the New Year with a sense of clarity and a sense of purpose about what we all have to do together to get there,” said Lee. 

When COVID-19 cases in China began decreasing, he decided to stay put, instead of returning home, because of increasing COVID-19 cases here, in the U.S. 

He’s had a lot to catch up on - including a belated Thanksgiving meal, Chipotle, and Taco Bell.  

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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