North Texas Giving Day Moved to May 5 to Help Nonprofit Coronavirus Response

More than 3,000 nonprofit organizations are on the donation site

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North Texas Giving Day is a time where the community can give to nonprofits throughout North Texas. More than 3,000 nonprofit organizations are on the donation site where people can donate what they choose to help.

This year, there is also a chance to give during the spring to help the organizations working tirelessly to assist with coronavirus response. Many of the organizations have seen the community’s need for assistance exponentially grow as so many North Texans are out of work, have reduced hours, or just need assistance with day to day activities.

One of those organizations working overtime to help is GRACE.

"GRACE has a long history in matching people with those who have to give,” Chief Operating Officer Shonda Schaefer said. “[They may give their] time or financial resources with those families suffering a financial crisis.

GRACE started in 1987 as a response to emergency needs for families in northeast Tarrant County. Quickly, they saw the need was greater than just that area. Now, GRACE serves many more across North Texas. Now, more than ever, people are in need.

“The reality is now with all that is going on, families that have never before having to seek out services. They are looking for a hand up,” Schaefer said.

Schaefer said GRACE is working overtime to get people the assistance they need, but resources are finite and that’s where North Texas Giving Day will help.

"The good news is because of North Texas Giving Day, families who may not have been as negatively affected can help their next-door neighbors and families and communities that maybe just need some assistance navigating through this process and I am proud to be able to say GRACE has been able to do that with compassion and care," Schaefer said.

According to the North Texas Giving NOW site, more than $4M had already been pledged before the giving officially started at 6:00 Tuesday morning. North Texas Giving NOW will continue until midnight.

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