North Texans Struggle to Find Work as April Unemployment Rate Surges to Historic Level

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More Americans are now unemployed than at any time since the Great Depression. On Friday, the unemployment rate for the month of April was reported at 14.7%.

In North Texas, thousands remain unemployed after being laid off from jobs they once thought were secure.

“Lot of sleepless nights, anxiety, waking up in the middle of the night,” Amber Nicole Puga said of being unemployed.

NBCDFW first spoke with Puga in April when she was struggling to get unemployment benefits through the Texas Work Force Commission. She has since gotten them but continues to search for work.

“I try not to think about it, think positively and pray to god,” she said. “I’m somewhat optimistic, hopefully within a month or two.”

In the last week, on the heels of state orders by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, businesses have begun to open back up and some of the unemployed have gotten their jobs back.

“It’s not like we are full blast but we are back doing some things and I’m glad salons are opening back up today,” said Chris Sarber, who got his job back.

Sarber spoke with NBCDFW in early April when he too was struggling to get unemployment benefits. The hairstylist said he feels lucky to be back at work but still has in the back of his head how quickly his job could go away.

“I use to think the job security was there but now I’m looking over my shoulder every day, are they going to close us down are they going to keep us open,” Sarber said.

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