North Texans Speak Out About Possibility of Delaying Olympic Games

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The calls are growing louder to postpone the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as the coronavirus pandemic grows.

Team USA is now urging the International Olympic Committee to delay the games after gathering input from athletes.

North Texans Michelle Carter and Stephen Lambdin are both veterans of the Olympics Games and were both hoping to compete again this summer. Both believe it is the right call to delay the games and put health and safety first.

“We don’t know that much about the virus and we’re still learning about it every day,” said 2016 gold medalist and shot putter Michelle Carter. “Our health and safety is number one, because we can’t do what we do best if we’re not healthy.”

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“It is definitely the right decision for long term health,” said Stephen Lambdin, who fell short of medaling in taekwondo in 2016 and was eager for a rematch.  

“I have been training for the 2020 Olympics since I lost my match in Rio in 2016, so a solid four years.”

Both Lambdin and Carter said they feel grateful for their good health and are keeping things in perspective.

Both said their aggressive training will continue so they are ready whenever the games might be played.

“It is all hands on deck pursuing the Olympics whether that’s 2020, 2021 or God forbid – 2022,” Lambdin said. “I’m going to see it through to the end.”

“My goal is to make my fourth Olympic team so that goal hasn’t changed,” Carter said. “Plans change and that’s okay, but my goal hasn’t changed.”

Canada and Australia both announced they would not be sending athletes if the games are played this summer.

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