North Texan Living Abroad: ‘It's Not Going to be Forever'

A Flower Mound native is among millions who are sheltering-in-place in Madrid during the coronavirus pandemic

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A North Texas native living abroad has words of encouragement for her friends and family living under shelter-in-place orders here – it’s not going to be forever.

Rachel Earley, of Flower Mound, has been living and teaching English in Madrid, Spain, for more than two years.

The Texas A&M University graduate shared several photos and videos that portray that major European city as a ghost town, with empty streets and train platforms. And she spoke about the mindset she has carried into her current predicament of being forced to isolate inside of her apartment as much as possible.

“I think that we kind of have to think of this as we’re in war,” Earley said. “Many of the government officials have used that word and called it that. That’s really what we’re going through.”

“You have to think of it that way, and you have to think ‘What can I do to help?’” Earley said. “And really, the only thing you can possibly do to help is to stay home.”

A woman from Flower Mound is sharing her experience from the country under mandatory quarantine. She’s spreading her message with her friends and family.

Another video that Earley shared showed what she said is a nightly motivational tribute to the health care workers of Spain – what is easily hundreds of people standing on balconies above a city street, cheering and applauding for those whose work is helping to heal the many who are sick from the coronavirus.

“We have to accept this as the new norm for now, for the foreseeable future,” Earley said. “I think my advice for my friends and family back home is to find the positives in it and realize that it’s not going to be forever.”

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