Nightly Song Brings Neighbors Together in Time of Isolation

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As everyone does their best to stay home and keep their distance, there’s a quiet that’s fallen over North Texas.

But each night as the sun sets over University Park, there’s a chorus of voice that ring out, reminding neighbors they’re not alone.

“It’s beautiful that they were all so willing and they do love it,” said Judy Snowden.

After seeing a story on the news about a neighborhood that joined together to sing each night, Snowden wrote up invitations, put on her Sunday best and hand delivered them to about a dozen neighbors.

She told them at 7 p.m. the next night, she’d ring a bell to bring them together to share a patriotic moment singing “God Bless America.”

“We thought it was going to be for one night. We were like oh, what a cool idea. God Bless America one night. And then she said, ‘See you tomorrow night’,” said Lesley McCaslin.

Of course, they all obliged. Because McCaslin will tell you, no one says no to Ms. Judy.

It’s a tradition that’s continued night after night, starting with one song that sometimes turns into three and conversations that have been known to last until 11 p.m.

“This has kind of been the thing we’ve all looked forward to, and it is. There’s definitely a camaraderie. Everyone enjoys seeing each other. I kind of think it’s the highlight of everyone’s day,” said McCaslin.

It’s a silver lining they hope remains even once the world around them buzzes back to life.

“I think we all hope that the friendships and the relationships and just the neighborly fun will continue after all of this, because it has been really special,” said McCaslin.

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