Mother of Resident at State-Sponsored Center with 8 COVID-19 Cases ‘Praying' For Help

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A Lewisville man in his 40's is the first person in Denton County to die from the coronavirus.

13 new cases were announced there Thursday including one more from the Denton State Supported Living Center.

That brings the total number of cases at DSSLC to eight.

Angela Reynolds Biggs said she last saw her daughter Amber, 29, on March 9 for a lab visit at DSSLC.

She said Amber has lived at DSSLC for five years. She has a brain injury, limited speech and depends on around-the-clock care, Biggs said.

Like many of DSSLC’s 400+ residents, her underlying condition could put her at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

“As parents, we're trying to be patient and persistent and trying to see how we can help and that is something that's really important to everybody to collaborate,” Biggs said.

Denton County Judge Andy Eads is asking Governor Abbott for a temporary hospital on the campus and fears an outbreak could overwhelm local hospitals.

“He personally called me last night. He is aware of our request for additional resources. He called me last evening and expressed his deep commitment to this,” Judge Eads said.

Employees are now being screened at the entrance, and officials say 140 high-risk residents have been tested.

Denton County health officials say they hope to expand testing to DSSLC’s 1,400 staff members soon.

Kimberly Williams is an advocate for the disabled.

“We're all got to get through this together,” Williams said.

Williams raises funds for DSSLC and organizes motorcycle rides for residents she now considers friends.

“It’s going to be ok guys. You have no idea how many out here love you. We can't come to the campus right now but we wish we could,” Williams said.

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