More North Texas Businesses Closing, Again, Because of Coronavirus

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With North Texas counties experiencing a surge in cases, more local businesses are closing because of positive coronavirus tests.

From grocery stores to restaurants, to gyms, nearly two months after Texas businesses began reopening, a growing list have closed again because of the coronavirus.

“We were surprised and bummed,” said Angela Rogers, co-owner of Cheer Athletics in Plano.

Rogers said the facility went above and beyond CDC guidelines when it reopened in mid-May.

“We also disinfected their shoes, we did get them a paper bag to put their essentials in,” she explained.

Rogers said athletes were required to wear masks.

But when Texas entered phase 3 of reopening in early June, she said for safety reasons, athletes doing stunts were allowed to take masks off.

“In hindsight, we probably jumped on that a little bit early,” Rogers said.

It's unclear how many COVID-19 cases have come from the facility. Rogers said there are reports of sick athletes and staff.

“We have a case where people don't have any symptoms at all and just happened to go get checked because they knew about one case,” Rogers said.

She said those who've tested positive have mild symptoms.

Cheer Athletics is closed through next week, a process Rogers could have done quietly.

Instead, she said she wants to help other businesses by sharing the lesson she learned the hard way.

“We truly believe we get stronger as a community when we share information and have conversations about it,” Rogers said, emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask.

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