Mesquite ISD Teachers Deliver Pizza Party From a Social Distance

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Teachers from Pirrung Elementary in the Mesquite ISD know how much students like pizza parties, but of course, they just can’t do them like they used to.

So they got creative with the help of Bubba’s 33 in town.

One of the school’s counselors says the managing partner at the restaurant reached out and wanted to know what they could do to help and they came through.

“It helps us kind of be happy and fulfilled ourselves, but it also brings out people into work so that they have something to do with their hands. It helps us to bring some of our folks back on the clock,” Dave Boese, Managing Partner at Bubba’s 33 said.

Since the pandemic began, the school has been trying to get food to their families who need it most since schools across the state have been ordered closed for the rest of the year.

In addition to the pizzas, Lake Point Church in Mesquite has been dropping off food boxes, despite the fact their resources are running low.

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