McKinney Seniors Staying Connected During Social Distancing Era

Senior citizens in McKinney are finding ways to socialize in the age of social distancing

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For senior citizens at high-risk of contracting coronavirus, not following the rules of social distancing could have dire consequences.

Some senior citizens at a retirement community in McKinney are closing the social distancing gap.

“I think that there's a lot of things that we take for granted,” said Tina Kula, 84.

The shutdown has turned life upside down for Kula, her husband John, 94, and the other senior citizens on Sea Breeze Court in McKinney now forced to stay indoors because of the coronavirus.

“We have dances every other week, twice a week we do line dancing. I’m missing all that!” said Barbara Becerra, 80.

But every day, they all have a standing appointment at the end of the block.

They call it the 2 p.m. wave, a come-as-you-are circle of friends who socialize from a safe distance.

“It’s really heartwarming to come out and see all these people because, even though we can’t get very close, we can holler at one another,” Tina Kula said.

“I’m kind of a stay-in-the-house person but since we’ve been doing this I have got to know my neighbors better,” said neighbor Louise Jacobs.

The 20-minute discussion and dance is often their only interaction outside the home where the Kulas will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday.

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