McKinney Mayor Continues to Quarantine After Family's Brush With COVID-19

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McKinney Mayor George Fuller says he is quarantining at home with his wife Maylee after she tested positive for COVID-19. Fuller said his wife has mild symptoms. He tested negative and the couple is quarantining at home.

During a special city council meeting Tuesday, Fuller said he saw a text from a friend, alerting him to a friend’s positive COVID-19 test.

“It's a friend of mine that I learned was positive that I had been around a couple of days before. I just immediately knew that I need to get up and leave the room,” Fuller said.

Fuller called for an executive session. When the council returned, Mayor Pro Tem Rainey Rogers explained Fuller learned he may have been exposed to COVID-19 and would isolate for the rest of the council meeting.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, but we appreciate his willingness to join us from another room by himself,” Rogers said during the meeting.

The next day, Fuller said he and his wife underwent COVID-19 testing and contacted people they may have interacted with.

Fuller said he didn't believe his wife contracted coronavirus from the friend they’d recently seen, based on when Maylee began to notice symptoms.

Fuller said the exposure may have happened at an outdoor event.

“I wear a mask when I'm out in public, and I go into stores, and I do all the things that we're expected to do,” Fuller said. “But at the same time, I can be at an event outdoors and feel it's OK to take my mask off. I’m going to keep my distance and then before you know it, I’m among three or four people having a conversation.”

This is the Fuller family’s third brush with COVID-19. Fuller said two adult children, including one in college who has since recovered, have also tested positive for coronavirus.

Fuller said two friends have passed away after battling the virus.

“We've lost two friends to COVID and I've got two kids that have had it, now my wife,” Fuller said.

Fuller said he continues to encourage people to wear masks, per Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order which requires masks in public places where it’s not possible to socially distance in most counties.

“We, as a city, are going to encourage following the governor's order and do what we need to do to put this behind us,” Fuller said.

He also reminded people to stay vigilant as the pandemic drags on.

“I’m going to try harder to do it right all the time,” Fuller said. “It is extremely easy to let your guard down and just start living normally. We all want to live normally, we all want to get back to work, we want a life, we want all that. It’s understandable, but we still have this that we have to deal with.”

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