Man Tests Positive for COVID-19 Days After Leaving a Wylie Rehab Center Now Dealing With an Outbreak

Cynthia Worthington says she's upset that she was never notified her husband was sick.

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Cynthia Worthington sent her husband, William Worthington, to Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care, hoping rehab would help him recover from ankle surgery.

She said she was surprised at how he looked when she picked him up last Saturday.

“I took him to the doctor Wednesday. And she sent him directly to the hospital. His lips were blue, he was disoriented,” Cynthia Worthington said.

She said she believes her husband contracted COVID-19 at the facility during his two-and-a-half-week stay. 

“I got a call he was positive for COVID-19 and I was shocked. He had tested negative three weeks before, the day of surgery. And he hadn’t been anywhere. He’s been isolated,” Cynthia Worthington said.

On Tuesday, a few days after Worthington’s release, Garnet Hill notified families by email that two residents tested positive for the coronavirus.

The facility tested all current residents that day.

Results came back Wednesday, and a spokesperson for the facility said Friday, “We still have 28 active resident cases in the facility and three in the hospital. Staff testing is still pending.”

“For 30-something people to have come down with it, something had to have happened. They sent him home and told me he didn’t present COVID symptoms, but he did,” Worthington said.

She said she hoped family members who pick love ones up from facilities like this ask questions and get them tested if they have any concerns.

According to a letter obtained by NBC 5, Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care has moved all COVID-19-positive residents into an isolated unit.

Any resident that becomes "unstable" will be taken to a hospital.

Cynthia Worthington said she was never notified by the facility that her husband was sick.

He’s still in the hospital. 

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