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Like Mother, Like Daughter; NTX Nurses Make Nurses Week a Family Affair

Lindsey Flores said she always knew she wanted to be a nurse, just like her mom

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Two North Texas nurses have a unique reason to celebrate both National Nurses Week and Mother's Day.

"Doing something with a purpose, you know," Lindsey Flores said. "I think a lot of careers are wonderful but don't necessarily make you feel like you've made a difference."

Flores is a nurse at Children's Health in Dallas. Nursing wasn't just a calling. It was in her blood.

" mom does work at the hospital with me," Flores said. "My grandma was a nurse. My mom was a nurse. I like caring for people. I think I like to give."

Flores' mother, Cindy Flom, is also one of the 2,300 nurses at Children's Health in Dallas.

"When I first started working at Children's I remember thinking, oh Lord, I can't mess up! I don't want to let my mom down," Flores said. "So I will call her and be like, Mom, how do you do this?"

The mother and daughter both work at Children's Health, but on different floors.

"You know I hear bits and pieces from other people," Flom said. "They have positive things to say about her, so that makes me really happy and proud."

Nurses help save lives, but during this COVID-19 pandemic, they're also risking their own lives.

"Yeah, " Flores said. "It's scary, hard, rewarding, it's a little bit of everything."

It's also given both women training for the other job they have in common; mother.

"Being a nurse actually prepares you for being a mom," Flom said. "You're tired, and you would rather be doing other things, but you've got to get up and take care of your kids. So the same thing with being a nurse: You've got to keep going for the sake of the patients."

The mother and daughter duo have both been recognized for their nursing work. Flom was on the DFW Great 100 Nurses list, and Flores was honored with D Magazine's Excellence in Nursing Award.

"Just thank you to all the nurses," Flores said. "Happy Mother's Day!"

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