Kaufman County Judge Orders Shelter-in-Place for Residents

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Kaufman County officials issued a mandatory, county-wide stay-at-home order Tuesday, asking people to stay home in an attempt to stall the spread of COVID-19.

Kaufman County Judge Hal Richards signed the order, which goes into effect at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday March 25.

Under the order (which can be read at the bottom of this page), Essential Businesses are allowed to remain open and those working at those businesses are permitted to travel to work in those businesses, but all other businesses are ordered to close. Restaurants offering to go, drive-through or takeout service are permitted to stay open.

People are permitted to leave their residences to perform any Essential Activities, which are tasks related to health and safety or to obtain food and supplies.

All elective medical, surgical and dental procedures are prohibited in the county so that resources can be redirected to COVID-19 response.

Kaufman County has two confirmed cases of coronavirus and zero deaths. The county is surrounded by Dallas County to the west, which has over 160 cases; and Van Zandt County to the east, which has one confirmed case. Ennis County to the southwest has six confirmed cases.

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