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Irving ISD Keeping High School Seniors Engaged and Hopeful

North Texas school districts are trying to keep their graduating seniors motivated and focused during these uncertain times.

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Senior year, put on hold because of the coronavirus.

It has been a challenge.

Irving ISD is one that has been getting creative on social media to keep their seniors engaged, and hopeful.

They’ve asked seniors at all four of their high schools to send them a short clip on their post-graduation plans, starting with MacArthur High.

The district plans to create individual clips for each high school as well as share them on their social media platforms.

The hope is not to let the distance keep them from connecting with each other.

“I have a daughter of my own and she misses her friends terribly, and so for us to be able to do this for our students and to show them that we care and that we love them and that we miss them, even though it’s virtually, we still want to send that message of hope to our students,” said Dr. Nicole Mansell, Irving ISD Chief of Marketing and Communications.  

Dr. Mansell says she wants seniors to be encouraged, don't lose heart, and stay strong.

Irving ISD posted a powerful video on Twitter last week featuring graduating seniors from all five of its high schools. We checked in with MacArthur High’s Senior Class President Emyly Puente who had words of encouragement for her fellow classmates.

“Just keep pushing. I know nobody planned this, the district didn’t. Nobody throughout the nation knew that this was going to happen, so know that we aren’t alone. Our parents are with us, family members,” said Emyly Puente, MacArthur High Schools Senior Class Pres. “You just have to see the bright side of everything and little by little, our graduation is getting closer, so we just have to keep focused.”

Irving ISD administrators say they are committed to celebrating their seniors with a graduation ceremony, whether that’s at the end of May, or on another date.

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