‘I Do': Now or Later? Wedding Alternatives During COVID-19 Crisis

Some couples are getting pretty creative in keeping their wedding dates and still having a ceremony

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A wedding crasher like no other -- COVID-19 is ruining wedding plans for so many. But, some couples are getting pretty creative in keeping their wedding dates, and still have a ceremony.

The height of wedding season is near, and naturally, couples are getting nervous as the pandemic plays out.

But wedding planners are saying, don't panic. We’re all in this together. If you're open to it, there are alternatives to the traditional wedding, and it's not as bad as you might think.

You can still get married on your original date and keep your family safe and healthy during this time.

NBC 5’s Evan Anderson called his wedding planner, Michelle Phu, to get some advice. Six of her weddings have already been postponed to late fall and well into 2021.

Even after that, and as stressful as this uncertain time can be, she says do not worry.

"I feel like it's such an easy time to panic and get upset about what's going on. However, at the end of the day, you're here to marry the love of your life, so if you're really wanting to keep your date and get married to your significant other, I would recommend that just you and your significant other just have a personal ceremony," Phu said.

Dallas couple Kerry and Jennifer Tang-Nguyen had their wedding on their original date, April 4.

The couple did the entire ceremony, in their living room with an officiant live on ZOOM. Family and friends from all over the world were able to see the two tie the knot. But at one point, the couple strongly considered postponing their wedding until November.

"Everyone was telling me that you know, it will be okay, it will be even better once November hits. We'll all celebrate, it will be fun. It was kind of annoying because I was like, you're not in my shoes, you don't understand what I'm going through, I'm like freaking out here. But, once everything happened, it actually really was more special, and we did feel like it was better than if we had just had a regular ceremony,” said newlywed Jennifer Tang-Nguyen.

Phu says a big key factor in postponing your wedding; contact your venue first. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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