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‘I Did Everything I Could': Mom-to-Be Hospitalized With COVID-19

NBC 5 News

While pregnant at 40 years old, Kendra Frank has done her best to avoid any risk during the pandemic.

"I resigned from my job at my school. My son does virtual. We have gone nowhere. Everything's delivered,” she said.

Still, last Saturday she tested positive for COVID-19 after she lost her sense of taste and smell.

A week later, she wound up hospitalized with pneumonia.

At 27 weeks pregnant, Frank said doctors are limited on what treatments they can safely do.

"I've cried a lot because yesterday when we were up here, my husband couldn't come because he was positive. So I'm here by myself,” Frank said.

Her case is part of what's been a record setting week across North Texas.

Where she is in Tarrant County, COVID-19 patients occupy 13% of all hospital beds. More than one-third of the county's ventilators are in use.

In Dallas County, the Public Health Advisory Committee has warned that without change, the crisis here could soon look like the one New York City had in March.

“I just wish people would understand that it's serious. It's real,” Frank said.

As she waits to go home, Frank’s mentally retracing her steps to a couple of doctor’s appointments and the polling location where she voted early to determine where she contracted the virus.

The only other possibility is from her husband who works outside of their home. Still, she said he changes clothes and showers every time he walks back in the door.

"I did everything I could, and I still got it,” Frank said.

For now, she’ll do continue to do everything she can to protect the “miracle baby” she said they’ve waited on for 13 years.

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