Hospital Chaplain Provides Spiritual Care During Pandemic

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Along with doctors and nurses at Medical City Plano, there’s another profession providing critical, spiritual care.

Every day, Chaplain Garry Higgs prays with staff who care for patients with coronavirus.

“We ask you god that you would bless each of these respiratory therapists as they go about their work today, renewing the lives and renewing the breath of people,” Higgs said during a morning prayer huddle.

Coronavirus is leaving a lasting mark on medical professionals, patients and their families.

With hospitals restricting visitors, Higgs bridges the gap between patients and families who can't be at bedsides, connecting from six feet away.

“A lot of times I will put my hand on the glass as a symbol of my connection to that person, and I will pray for them,” Higgs said.

He said he uses tablets and smartphones to communicate.

Offering spiritual support from a safe distance, Higgs said his message to staff, patients and people at home is the same.

“God is going to get us through this. He is with us through this and we're going to get through it,” Higgs said,

“His presence has been felt huge throughout all of this,” said Danielle Miller, an assistant nurse manager for a COVID unit at Medical City Plano. “Really its brought us back to what the focus is and that's in taking care of these patients and that’s it's all going to be alright.”

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