Highland Park Cafeteria Will Not Re-Open, Planning Online Auction

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Highland Park Cafeteria, a Dallas staple since 1925, is closing its doors for good. It's yet another business that has succumbed to the economic impact of the coronavirus.

The restaurant was located at 1200 North Buckner Boulevard.

According to the restaurant’s website, they would have liked to have a farewell to say goodbye, but because of the current restrictions due to the coronavirus, they will not be able to do so.

All is not lost though, as the restaurant wants its fans to have something to remember the landmark by.

“If you would like to have something to remember the good times you have had at HPC, you may participate in our online auction. All contents of the cafeteria, including memorabilia, non-perishable food supplies, furniture and equipment will be sold through ATXauctions.com starting Friday, May 15,” the website notice read.

Their website also says they plan to donate all perishable and frozen food to local organizations.

Their farewell message appeared to leave the door open for a comeback though.

One final word – Highland Park Cafeteria is not just tables and chairs and stoves. It is generations of cooks faithfully preparing special recipes and lovingly serving generations of diners. We are safeguarding the secret family recipes, all 932 of them. So, making no promises — but who knows? Zucchini Muffins may one day make a comeback!” the website notice read.

Tuesday, a communications manager for the owner of the shopping center that houses the Highland Park Cafeteria, shared additional information on behalf of Snoyer.

“We did not anticipate the impact of COVID; in fact, we had purchased new equipment and brought on a new chef, testing out new recipes. It’s a difficult decision, but our current model and environment would simply not be feasible for a post-COVID dining setting,” according to an email provided to NBC 5.

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