Health Care Workers Facing COVID-19 Fatigue

It's concerning to the medical professionals to see numbers rising again

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The president of the Dallas County Medical Society says there is another issue the medical field is fighting along with COVID-19.

“That fatigue also is being born out on the side of health care,” Dallas County Medical Society President Dr. Mark Casanova said.

Casanova said he’s seen it in the hospitals.

“I know the look of soul fatigue,” Casanova said. “Whole person fatigue on the part of my amazing colleagues. Nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists and the like who have been in the trenches, mind you nonstop, for the last seven months."

Medical staff has been fighting the COVID-19 fight about eight months now.

It’s weighing on them when they see numbers start to rise again.

“My heart sinks and my heart sinks because I know what’s coming,” Casanova said. “I’ve seen what’s already come.”

He added, “Are we going to have times where we are breaking down emotionally? Yes. Have some of us already succumb? Literally, physically to this virus? Yes.  Are we going to quit? No, we are not going to quit.”

They’ll continue doing their part, but they want others to do their part.

“Our only ask in our endeavor to save as many lives as possible with all that we have for as long as we have is just a little bit of help.”

He said that help would be from people wearing masks and continuing to practice social distancing.

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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