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Grandparents Eagerly Await Arrival Of Granddaughter Outside Fort Worth Hospital

Families are getting creative to offer support & celebrate newborns during social distancing

Mitchell family

Social distancing couldn't stop first-time grandparents Rick and Rosie New of Anna from missing their granddaughter's arrival into the world.

With no visitors allowed in the hospital, the pair set up in the parking garage across from Baylor, Scott & White in Fort Worth, so their daughter and son-in-law could see them outside the window of their room.

They waited and prayed for three hours, even holding up signs, to finally welcome baby Samantha Rose into the world.

Rick and Rosie New of Anna await the birth of their granddaughter from a hospital parking garage

The New family said it was their son-in-law Jamie Mitchell who had the idea, and while they couldn't be in the hospital for the delivery it was still a special time and new mom, Taylor Mitchell, was grateful to see her parents out the window.

The family said new mom Taylor and baby Samantha Rose are both happy and healthy.

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