Fort Worth's Crockett Row Pushes Forward Amid Pandemic

The development has seen businesses come and go, well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Just like every entertainment district across North Texas, Crockett Row off W. 7th Street in Fort Worth has come to a standstill, and the concern now is will anchor tenants be able to survive.

The development has seen businesses come and go, well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

People familiar with the area tell NBC 5, it's hard not to wonder, will the once busy, thriving area of Fort Worth's Cultural District be the same?

Anchor restaurant Cork & Pig Tavern at the corner of Crockett and Currie in the center of the development is the latest to announce after five years, they will not reopen.

A publicist who represents the company that manages Crockett Row, confirms the permanent closure of the Fort Worth location.

Cork & Pig Tavern was one of the few restaurants in the development that did not stay open for to-go orders. The owner telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, their location "didn't allow for easy curbside pickup."

It's a shock to many who live and frequent the area, it was a popular dining spot, but Crockett Row management says there are big things still to come, and just like other businesses in our area, the situation is fluid as we transition and slowly reopen together.

Crockett Row's Dir. of Marketing, Monica Bermea says they've actually taken advantage of the downtime, and have started some construction as businesses begin to slowly come back to life.

"So you'll see some new lounge areas, you'll see some new concepts. You'll also see some new seating, and of course, we've made adjustments with the social distancing as well. Those are all things that have been in place, and that we're putting in place with the new directive from the state. We're focusing on transitioning the property, just getting back to normal and opening and supporting everyone,” said Monica Bermea. “We've gone through some redevelopment. We've got some new concepts opening inside of the Food Hall, so that should be opening within the next two to three weeks. We're still putting that together and they're still putting everything neat and pretty for everyone because we've had some construction. We've taken advantage of the downtime.”

Popular Crockett Row businesses who have already partially reopened, or will soon begin the reopening process include:

  • -The Food Hall, currently transitioning into a new look and will offer a new food lineup.
  • Concrete Cowboy
  • Fireside Pies  
  • Cinnaholic
  • West Elm
  • Mash’d will reopen on May 12th
  • Social House has partially reopened, and will also continue serving as a social market.

Crockett Row management says there are even some surprises coming in the next several weeks. So overall, a positive outlook for the popular W. 7th development.

The latest and most updated information on openings can be found on the Crockett Row website.

NBC 5 did reach out to all the owners of Cork & Pig Tavern concerning their Fort Worth closure. We have not heard back. There are three other Texas locations in Las Colinas, Odesa, and San Angelo.

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