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Fort Worth Skyline Will Glow in Honor of 2020 Graduates

Once the sun sets Thursday, the Fort Worth skyline and West 7th Bridge will glow in honor of Fort Worth ISD's Class of 2020

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The Fort Worth ISD wants you to do something special Thursday night for the class of 2020. Salute the nearly 5,000 graduating seniors with a shout out.

The district wants everyone to stop what they're doing at 8:20 p.m., walk outside, and cheer for the graduating seniors. 

That hour and minute are significant because in military time it’s 20:20, and it’s 10 minutes before sunset. Once the sun sets, the Fort Worth skyline and West 7th Bridge will glow in honor of Fort Worth ISD's Class of 2020, and they will be the first to light up Fort Worth.

The District is asking everyone to share their celebratory comments and pictures on social media using the hashtag #FWISDClassof2020, whether it's a photo of your graduating senior, or just praise for a senior group at a Fort Worth high school, the district wants help sharing the love they have for their seniors.

“We're asking everyone in Fort Worth to salute our graduates. It's an opportunity for us to really celebrate this historic class. They've overcome so much adversity, and I think it's going to be a great opportunity to light up Fort Worth. The Pier One Building, the 7th Street Bridge, and other historic landmarks, it's going to be a great evening for everyone,” said Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner. “Faculty and staff really wanted to celebrate our students. The Fort Worth ISD class of 2020 has been through so much. It’s been an opportunity for us to celebrate their accomplishment, their determination, their resilience, and this we thought, was a great idea to bring the community together for a simultaneous shout out for our students.”

And Scribner says the tributes won't end there. Billboards are also going up across the city in celebration of the seniors. "Accomplished, determined, and resilient" are the words being used to praise this special group of graduates on Fort Worth billboards.

Fort Worth ISD will hold virtual graduations on Saturday, June 20. The following week, students may also choose to participate in outdoor in-person celebrations at either Farrington Field, or Clark Stadium. All the details on that are on Fort Worth ISD's website:

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