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Fort Worth Hospitality Industry Teams Up to Feed First Responders

The Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival, Rosewood Ranches, and several well-known restaurants worked together to give away 2,000 free lunches Monday

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Under a white tent, outside Rahr & Sons Brewing Company in Fort Worth, masked and gloved workers stood shoulder to shoulder in an assembly line fashion, filling to-go containers with Bar-B-Q lunches.

"We've got about 1,200 lunches out so far," Chef Jon Bonnell of Bonnell's Restaurant said around 12:30 in the afternoon. "I think we're gonna make it."

Several well-known local restaurants, along with Rosewood Ranches, and the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival, teamed together to prepare free lunches for first responders.

"It's a lot of professionals in one spot. It's kinda fun to be together, You know, we haven't seen each other in forever," Bonnell said. "Everybody's on the same team today, I promise you that!"

A line of police cars, fire vehicles, and hospital staff waited for volunteers to fill their trunks and backseats with ready-to-eat lunches.

"It means someone doesn't have to take off all their equipment, go find something to eat, put back on all their equipment, and get back to the patient care," Kathy Jo Zeigler said as she waited for 400 meals to bring back to Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center, hoping they would all fit in the two cars she had. "Crossing my fingers!"

The organizers planned to serve 2,000 free Bar-B-Q lunches to workers on the front line of the pandemic.

"They're fighting a lot tougher fight than we are right now," Bonnell said. "We just appreciate what they're doing."

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