Father, Son Physicians Thousands of Miles Apart Find Relief After Vaccine

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For the last nine months, Carlos Girod, Jr. has given his time and energy to the most severe COVID-19 patients in North Texas. Still, as he walks the halls of Parkland Hospital, he’s got someone else on his mind. He's been worried about his father, Carlos Girod Sr., who’s also a physician in Puerto Rico.

“I’ve been concerned, as you know the disease is much more severe in the elderly,’” said Girod Jr.

Junior and Senior check-in at least once a week. It’s been their routine since the first cases of community spread nearly a year ago.

“I was worried because he was still taking care of patients who are in assisted living. Some are being visited by their grandchildren. And I was concerned that he could get infected by taking care of those patients,” said Girod, Jr.

While it was the son who followed in his father’s footsteps, lately the roles have been reversed.

“I consulted with him very frequently to see how things were being done there and the new protocols that were being developed,” said Girod, Sr. “He was in the middle of the battle. And he did not learn much from me I learned a lot from him.”

Now both are resting a little easier knowing they’ve received the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines. Senior got his in Puerto Rico on Monday. Girod Junior in Dallas on Tuesday.

“The vaccine gives off a boost to go through the second surge much more comfortably,” said Girod.

Girod said what he’s learned from his father, the man and the physician, equipped him for just a time as this.

“I learned resilience from my father,” he said. “I learned never to turn back from the responsibility of being a physician and being there for those most in need.”

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