Family of 22-Year-Old Who Lost Battle With COVID-19: ‘This Is Real'

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The family of a 22-year-old Austin College student is sharing the heartbreaking details of his battle with COVID-19, which he ultimately lost earlier this month.

Chris Miller was first diagnosed in August and quickly experienced severe complications, including serious respiratory issues. But despite a myriad of procedures, it appeared as he might be gaining ground, even returning home in recent weeks.

But then one night in mid-December his mother received a call from his room and found her only son bleeding from his mouth.

“I walked in the door and I turned the light on and blood was just profusely coming out of his mouth, it was on the wall and I said what did you do and he was just motioning,” said Dr. Esteria Tatum Miller, Chris’ mother.

Within 24-hours Miller passed away. His family now hopes people will remember his hard fight against the virus, how he never gave up hope – and most importantly of all just how serious COVID-19 is.

“Those who say that it is not real, it is ignorance and it is selfish to think that,” said Honoria Bush, Chris’ sister, who is also a nurse.

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