Saginaw Man Mourning Loss of Wife, 39, Who Died from COVID-19

A Saginaw family is leaning on faith as they cope with loss of mother, wife, sister and friend

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To Danny Ambriz, his wife Crystal has been the apple of his eye for more than 15 years. He said his wife, who is the mother to four children, always had a big heart for everyone.

"She's so young, beautiful, my everything," said Ambriz about his wife of 12 years.

Last month the pair bought a new home for their family in Saginaw, but within the past few weeks, their lives changed forever.

Ambiz said during the second week of September, Crystal tested positive for COVID-19. He said he had it, and so did one of their kids who they think caught it at a sporting event.

Everyone had different symptoms, including loss of taste and smell for his wife. After about two weeks, Crystal started experiencing extreme pain in her kidneys.

Her family said she went to an urgent care where they believed it was a kidney infection, gave her medication and she went home. Even though she was in good spirits, her condition continued to decline and a day later was back at urgent care. This time the family said Crystals lab work showed her liver, kidneys and heart were failing. A family member said a chest x-ray showed she had pneumonia.

Crystal was transferred to a hospital in Fort Worth and initially going to be taken to an Intensive Care Cardiac Unit, but the family said after she was given a COVID-19, it was positive and she was placed in the COVID unit.

Ambriz said his wife's body was shutting down and she was on life support.

"Doctors told me, 'I'm sorry for your loss, we've tried every single thing we could think of, every antibiotic, antiviral, everything we could think of and it would, just would not work," Ambriz said.

Crystal died on Oct. 14 at age 39. Ambriz said his wife didn't have any underlying health conditions.

"I prayed over my wife and I told the Lord, 'She's always been yours, she's your child and I know it's your will and not mine and if it's her time to go, it's okay,'" Ambriz said.

It's his faith that's helping him and his family make it to the next day. Even though Crystal may be physically gone, her spirit lives on in the hearts of those who love her.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the medical expenses.

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