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DSHS Adds 628 New COVID-19 Cases in Collin County Sunday, 6 Deaths

Collin County Health Care Services reports 562 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in county hospitals

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Texas Department of State Health Services reports an additional 628 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Collin County Sunday along with eight more deaths.

According to the most recent data from the DSHS, Collin County has 50,312 confirmed cases of the virus since March with 43,883 estimated recoveries; the county has an estimated 6,429 known active cases with 422 deaths attributed to the virus since March 2020.

The state health department does not release any details about those who have died after contracting the virus.

Collin County Health Care Services, which in August expressed concern over the accuracy of data being provided by the state health department, discontinued publishing information about case counts, recoveries and deaths in November following a vote of the Collin County Commissioners Court and only publishes information regarding hospitalizations.

In a statement on their website, the county said, "Collin County will continue to report hospitalization data, as that information comes from daily polls of local hospitals reporting COVID-19 patients in their facilities."

As of Jan. 10, CCHCS reported 562 out of 2,702 beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients in Collin County hospitals.

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