DFW Airport Takes Extra Cleaning Measures To Protect Against Coronavirus

Simple things you can do to avoid germs

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When it comes to flying right now, coronavirus is a concern for many people.

TCU professor Kiril Tochkov is one of them. He's headed to France, with his family, to give a lecture.

"We decided in the end we should take the risk and travel,” Tochkov said. “But I hope nothing will happen in between and the borders get closed or we are able to get back home safely."

But he's not leaving it all up to fate. He's got hand sanitizer and wipes packed for the trip.

"So when we enter the plane we are going to wipe the tray and then make sure everything is wiped with the antibacterial."

That's exactly what travel expert and co-founder of Rick Seaney advises flyers to do.

"Wipe down the hard surfaces,” Seaney said.  “That includes the seat back, the tray table, if there is a touch screen remember that one too and the rails around the seat."

Even before you make it on the plane DFW airport is taking steps to stop the spread of germs. Crews will be cleaning more often and using stronger chemicals.

They will focus on high touch areas like handrails, doors, and touch screens. 

American Airlines said it's also enhancing cleaning procedures on international flights and aircraft that remain overnight at an airport. 

And here's something you may not realize…

"On an aircraft, the entire air is vented every 15 minutes completely,” Seaney said. “Replaced from outside that comes through hospital-grade operating room filters."

Another area to consider avoiding germs is the security checkpoint.

Avoid using the bins if you can. Put your phone, jacket, and anything in your pockets in your carry-on instead.

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