Denton County Reports 32 New Cases of COVID-19, Collin County Adds 9

Denton County has reported more than 30 new cases on five straight days

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Denton County reported more than 30 new cases of COVID-19 Saturday for the fifth straight day, after the county didn't eclipse that number on any the previous 11 days.

Denton County Public Health reported 32 new cases of the virus Saturday, following a record 55 new cases of the coronavirus Friday. The countywide total stands at 1,719 with 940 recoveries.

"Today, we are reporting the highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day within Denton County," Denton County Public Health Director Dr. Matt Richardson said Friday. "Summer is arriving, but COVID-19 has not gone anywhere. We've got to take this seriously. More than ever, we must remain vigilant in wearing masks, handwashing and physical distancing to protect ourselves and others."

The Texas Department of State Health Services is now reporting new cases, monitoring and tracing in Collin County. On Saturday they reported nine new COVID-19 cases for Collin County, bringing the county's total number of cases to 1,647 with 1,290 recoveries and 320 active infections.

The county reported no deaths Saturday; there have now been 37 deaths associated with COVID-19 in Collin County since March.

The DSHS does not report cases at the city level, so city-specific data for cities in Collin County is no longer available after June 1.

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