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Denton County Reports 19th Death, 25 New COVID-19 Cases Wednesday Including Inmate at County Jail

The county has 644 confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus and 263 known recoveries

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Denton County reported their 19th COVID-19 related death and an additional 25 new infections Wednesday, bringing the county's total number of infections to 644.

The latest victim is a man in his 60s from Denton who was a previously home isolated, local transmission case. It's not clear if the man had any underlying health issues.

“As we report the loss of a nineteenth life to COVID-19 in Denton County today, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers,” said Denton County Judge Andy Eads. “We know that each life lost to COVID-19 is one too many.”

Among the 25 cases confirmed Wednesday is one case at the Denton County Jail.

“The Sheriff’s Office continues to follow a strict protocol for handling all individuals currently in and being brought into the Denton County Jail,” said Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree. “We began preparing for the potential for COVID-19 cases in the jail beginning in early March and continue to implement daily procedures to reduce potential spread. All individuals coming into the jail are placed in a quarantine POD per procedure. This individual was placed in a single isolation cell when symptoms consistent with COVID-19 began. A subsequent test showed the individual was a confirmed case.”

Denton County Public Health said five newly recovered COVID-19 cases were also confirmed Wednesday, raising the total number of COVID-19 survivors to 263.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among residents at the Denton State Supported Living Center remains at 54. The cumulative, countywide long-term care facility (LTCF) resident total remains at 17.

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Data: County Health Departments, NBC 5 Staff
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