Denton Brothers Start Free Errand Service to Help Community During Coronavirus

Need an errand run... two Denton brothers are offering to help

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Matthew and Mitchell Warnock should be in school, but like so many other teenagers, the COVID-19 crisis put them on an unexpected track.

"I know the virus tends to affect older people," 18-year-old Mitchell Warnock said. "So keeping people inside and away from other people is doing them a service."

The brothers started N.E.A.D.S., Neighborly Errand And Delivery Service. They pick up groceries or run errands for the bargain price of $0. It's free.

"It really just makes me feel good," 16-year-old Matthew Warnock said. "Just being able to help other people with a kind heart, knowing that you're not in it for the money and you're just doing it to help other people out."

On Wednesday morning, the pair was helping out retired teacher, Karen Crozier, by dropping off face masks she made to be mailed at a Denton postal business. The brothers wear face masks and gloves that they change with every exchange for safety, and often never see the people they help in-person.

"Oh, they're awesome," Crozier said. "I was a teacher for 29-years, so when I see wonderful kids doing wonderful things, that gets to me."

It's getting traction outside of North Texas. A family friend of the Warnocks, Jenna Wommack, saw their N.E.A.D.S. flier posted on Facebook and started her own N.E.A.D.S. free errand service franchise in Mooreland, Oklahoma.

"Hopefully people will see that and it will grow even more," Mitchell said.

The brothers said this COVID-19 crisis has taught them valuable lessons for later in life.

"I think it's helping me get ready for things that I might face in the future that I might not be expecting," Mitchell said.

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