Dallas Sisters Turn Brainstorming into Action: Putting Cash in Hands of Dallas Service Workers

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During tough times, the helpers are never that hard to find. They always step forward when needed most. That’s the case with two Dallas sisters who decided to help those in the service industry.

It was an idea that turned into action. Boredom that turned into brainstorming.

“We were just bored and feeling sorry for ourselves and wanted to do something meaningful with all of our free time that we have now,” said Annie Dodd.

“This plan really came from our kitchen table,” said the younger sister, Grace Dodd.

From there, Grace and Annie Dodd created Dallas Helps. The idea is to deliver cash right into the hands of Dallas’ service workers who are some of the most financially vulnerable right now.

“We know this might not be enough to cover everything but just something to get them through this week, especially with groceries,” said Grace.

On Thursday, the sister, ages 19 and 21, visited Bandito’s Tex-Mex in Snider Plaza in Dallas, where bartenders and servers were anxious for takeout orders.

Michelle Greene was one of several employees who received an envelope from the Dodd sisters. Each one was filled with $200 to $250.

“It’s a tough time for everybody, but it hits us super hard,” said Greene. “It will help tremendously getting started on figuring out what the next move will be.”

Greene said the drastic drop in business has happened so rapidly that many service workers are scrambling trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

“I’m used to working four to five shifts a week, and to not have any business aside from to-go orders that are relatively small, it means a lot,” she said.

Grace and Annie say they hope the money is enough to purchase groceries or cover a utility bill. Perhaps even enough to plant a seed of encouragement.

“Those are the little things that I think we’re keeping in mind and saying ok that’s one thing they don’t have to worry about,” said Annie.

Already, Dallas Helps has raised more than $8,000 on its GoFundMe page. In addition to Bandito’s, they’ve also made a stop at Chips, and they’ve made calls to other restaurants to put on their list. They say the goal is to visit at least one restaurant a day.

“Just to talk to some managers, talk to some owners and say I know you have people struggling in this. How can we help you? Who can we help?” said Annie.

Sometimes you don’t have to go looking very hard for the helpers. Sometimes they’re out looking for you.

“Just the amount of gratitude we’ve seen from families with whatever little bit we’re giving them has been really amazing and has kept us excited.”

For more information on Dallas Helps, find them on Instagram at @Dallas.Helps and Twitter.

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