Dallas Police and Code Enforcement Want People to Comply with Shelter at Home Order

Some people are still moving around the city

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In downtown Dallas, some people are still out and about.

"Trying to turn lemons into lemonade,” Eric Peters who lives downtown said. “Get some sun and try to enjoy ourselves a little bit over lunch break."

The shelter in place order does not prevent people from going outside.  But it does urge them to practice social distancing.

Some people think the order is working.

"Living down here we can kind of see how definitely people have sort of subsided and they really are taking it seriously so that's really good to see," Tracy Peters who lives downtown said.

There have been some violations.

Code enforcement has done 871 proactive inspections and 311 service request calls.

They've had 62 code officers on the streets recording 278 hours of night inspections.

Out of 193 notice of violations, 158 of those were for businesses failing to post a copy of the COVID-19 order.

19 notices were warning people to limit the size of their gathering. But no citations have been issued. Only warnings.

Dallas police report officers are not targeting people that are out, but they will be educating anyone they see not following the rules.

"Educate them about what they should be doing and how they should be going about it,” Dallas Police Public Information Officer Carlos Almeida said. “We expect everyone to comply willingly with the measures we are trying to take to make sure the safety of everyone in the city."

Safety is what it's all about.

"Just the sooner that we can all take it serious the sooner we can see the results and get back to some sort of normalcy," Peters said.

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