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Dallas Officer Diagnosed with Coronavirus Returns to Work After Full Recovery

A Dallas motorcycle officer diagnosed with COVID-19 is the first to return to work after making a full recovery

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So far, six Dallas police officers have come down with the coronavirus.

Wednesday, an officer who tested positive marked an important milestone by being the first Dallas officer to return to work after making a full recovery.

Johnny Walker, a member of the motorcycle squad, says he remembers feeling sick on his way to work at the central substation two weeks ago.

“Started to have a fever and chills,” Walker said. “So the whole ride I'm questioning whether to go get tested or do I still go to work.”

He got tested but says he'd already recovered by the time he got the positive results two weeks later.

“It had already ran its course,” Walker said.

While quarantined, he says he lived off supplies he stocked up on before the diagnosis.

He said he returned to work Wednesday without missing a beat.

“It kind of felt like to me like a personal homecoming being away from them for so long and then actually being thrown back into it as if you never left,” Walker said.

Walker isn't sure where he contracted the virus but says his priority was not infecting anyone else on his road to recovery that's now spreading hope.

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