Dallas Nonprofit Offers Free Child Care for Parents to Get Vaccinated, Volunteer

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A North Texas non-profit that provides free childcare to families facing a health crisis is now offering free childcare to parents while they get vaccinated or volunteer at vaccination clinics.

Vaccine appointments aren't always easy to schedule or you may be notified at the last minute, so Mommies In Need founder Natalie Boyle said they didn't want any parent to skip or delay their shot because they couldn't find safe care for their kids.

"We’ve just seen over and over again the difference it makes in someone’s medical care when they know their kids are well-taken care of," said Mommies In Need Founder Natalie Boyle.

The charity also hopes parents will take advantage of their childcare services to help their community and volunteer at the Dallas County vaccine hub site or others.

"We have this big brand new facility with amazing teachers and we are here to welcome and love on your kids so you can do good for your community," Boyle said.

Mommies In Need started after Boyle, a cancer survivor, recognized the strain on parents as they battled a health crisis. After helping a friend battling cancer find childcare, the charity has grown from providing in-home specially-trained nannies to a brick-and-mortar location.

Through a partnership with Parkland Hospital, Mommies In Need is able to provide on-site childcare at Annie's Place to parents or guardians while they visit doctor's offices or receive care at the hospital.

Mother Raquel Green is immuno-compromised and receives frequent care at Parkland Hospital.

With few options for childcare, finding a safe place for her son to stay was often stressful, until she learned of Annie's Place.

"It’s a wonderful safe environment with specialized staff," said Green. "It’s not just a daycare, it’s almost like a therapy for Jeremiah and he loves it."

Green said the staff at Annie's Place has helped Jeremiah keep up with his virtual learning, since her appointments often come during school hours.

"The biggest thing I want parents to know is that we are not just a traditional daycare," Boyle said. "When we have our staff here they are trained in play therapy and trauma-informed care. We have a play therapist with staff that can do one-on-one play therapy for children that are going through a difficult time."

Since the pandemic started, Mommies In Need also started offering virtual childcare and free services to first responders.

For more on the resources provided by Mommies In Need or to schedule childcare so you can get vaccinated or volunteer at a hub site, visit their website or call 469-708-6667.

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