Dallas ISD Robotics Students Put Lessons to Practical Use in COVID-19 Fight

Robotics students from Woodrow Wilson High School are making 3D printed medical face shields

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While North Texas students go to school at home, some robotics students in Dallas ISD are putting their lessons to practical use.

"We want our students to not just be onlookers or stuck in a lockdown at home doing distance learning," Woodrow Wilson High School engineering and robotics teacher Daniel Garrison said. "We want this to be a defining moment."

Garrison's students are printing 3D medical face shields from home.

"We started with just a couple of printers," Garrison said. "Up until this week, they were sitting idle and we went and rescued them from the lockdown, pulled them out of the building, and put them in the homes and hands of some students who are now putting them to use to print face shields to help healthcare heroes who are on the front lines fighting COVID-19."

Garrison said the students are part of a larger worldwide effort.

"We think we can at least print 1,000 a week," Garrison said. "So we're kind of running a small start-up, kind of a pop-up temporary business."

Garrison said the class has received enough monetary and material donations to keep printing for a few weeks.

"So they're learning, like, that's why we want to become engineers," Garrison said. "To solve important problems and not just become good calculators, but good communicators and collaborators."

Lessons learned at home with real world application.

"Nothing right now matters more than this," Garrison said.

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